Parish Caretaker

    The Parish Council operates a Parish Caretaker scheme, whereby it contracts The DTMS Group from Fellbeck to carry out eight hours of maintenance work in the parish each month. 

    The Parish Caretakers carry out a variety of tasks, including: 
    • Inspecting and maintaining the playground at the end of Watermill Lane. 
    • Keeping footpaths and bridleways clear and usable. 
    • Sweeping and weeding pavements. 
    • Cleaning the bus shelter. 
    • Washing and keeping road signs clean and clear. 
    You can track what the Parish Caretaker is doing by looking at their latest tasksheet: 
    NSPC Caretaker Task List Feb-Mar 2017.doc

    If you know of any jobs that need doing, then please contact the Clerk to the Parish Council (see the 'Contact Us' page).