At the end of 2008 the Parish Council was required to adopt a New Model Publication Scheme. This scheme sets out how the Parish Council makes information about its work available to members of the public. 
There are 7 different categories of information in the scheme:

·   Who we are and what we do.
·   What we spend and how we spend it.
·   What our priorities are and how we are doing. 
·   How we make decisions.
·   Our policies and procedures.
·   Lists and registers.
·   The services we offer. 

A list of all the information which is available is set out in the Council's Publication Scheme. A copy of this guide is available here:
Some information (such as the minutes of meetings) is routinely made available to the public, other information must be requested. You will find a number of items by using the tabs on the right of this page.  

If you would like to request copies of any of the information which is available to the public, please contact the Clerk to the Parish Council (see the Contact Us page).
The Parish Council may charge for providing copies of some of the information.