The Parish Council has a number of standard documents and policies in place. These are usually reviewed at the Annual Parish Council Meeting held in May.

The following documents can be viewed by following the links on the right:

Annual Report  Report covering the Council's activities. NSSPC Annual Report 2017-18.pdf

NSSPC Annual Report 2016-17.pdf

Standing Orders These act as the Council's constitution. NSSPC Standing Orders.pdf
Financial Regulations These set out how the Parish Council manages its finances. NSSPC Financial Regulations.pdf
Risk Assessment An assessment of the Council's general activities. NSSPC Risk Assessment.pdf
Asset Register A list of what the Council owns.
Includes the appendices showing areas of green space and the schedule of trees owned by the Council.
NSSPC Asset Register.pdf
NSPC Asset Register - Appendix 1 (Maps of Communal Areas).pdf

NSPC Asset Register - Appendix 2 (Schedule of Trees).pdf